US suspects Swede of $3.5 million in Bitcoin (BTC) fraud


US suspects Swede of $3.5 million in Bitcoin (BTC) fraud

A Swede is suspected by the US authorities of international scams involving fake shares. The man is said to have earned USD 3.5 million from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency swindles.

The U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), the US securities market regulator, wants a jury to rule on the case. He risks imprisonment for several decades.

Swede suspected of fraud

In the official indictment, the Supervisor provides a number of details about the case. Roger Nils-Jonas Karlsson (46) is alleged to have harmed ’several thousand individuals‘.

The depositors bought a share in the ‚Pre Funded Reversed Pension Plan‘. A share cost $98 and that gave you the right to receive – in the future – 1.15 kilos of gold.

A proposition too good to be true, but it did not stop investors Wealth Matrix from stepping in.

Through his company Eastern Metal Securities (EMS), he mirrored an ‚unreal return‘ to his victims. Among the 2,200 victims there are also US investors, which is why the SEC is taking him to court.

Karlsson or EMS, for example, never registered with the regulator. That is a requirement as soon as you offer securities to US citizens.

Karlsson lied about his company and about his own identity. Moreover, he has even persuaded some deaf and hard of hearing people to invest. The depositors paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. In doing so, the man amassed a total of USD 3.5 million.

And possibly more, because the prices of the crypt currency have risen considerably since 2012, the year his scam started.

Real estate in Thailand

He used part of the black money, USD 1.5 million, to buy property in Thailand. That is the country where he also stayed before he was arrested there in June 2019.

The SEC wants him to remain in custody along with some other comrades. He is going to face many years in prison and will have to pay back everything to those affected, in addition to interest and fines.

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