WhatsApp’s next step is to send Bitcoin?


WhatsApp’s next step is to send Bitcoin?

The advance of technology seems unstoppable. Well, the trend towards integrating more and more of the tasks of our daily lives into our cell phones is gaining momentum in the Western world. After being a real success in Asian countries like China. This can be clearly seen with the new feature of sending money through WhatsApp in Brazil. Leading us to wonder if the next step of WhatsApp is to send Bitcoin through the application.

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From China to Latin America: the advance of messaging apps
It’s finally happened. After years of waiting and months of speculation, WhatsApp has announced the launch of the money transfer feature through the application. Starting in one of the fastest growing emerging markets in recent years in the Western world: Brazil.

As shown in the video launching the new application feature. Citizens of Brazil who have accounts in one of WhatsApp’s partner banks in this company. They will be able to send payments without even leaving the application, just as they would send an attachment, simply by using their Facebook Pay account.

Of course, this is not a totally innovative feature on the part of WhatsApp. Well, it has been around for several years in the Asian market, and more specifically in China. Two Internet giants, Alibaba and Tencent, are competing to win over Chinese users, most of whom have turned down credit and debit cards to make payments. Relying instead on WeChat and AliPay.

In this way, WhatsApp seems to be following in the footsteps of Immediate Edge, a Chinese instant messaging application, developed by the company Tencent. Which since its launch has developed many different functions than simply sending messages. From flight and restaurant reservations, to scheduling medical appointments, to sending money, all without leaving the application.

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